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School Meals

Breakfast & Lunch

​School Menu
See the Seattle Public Schools website for monthly menus of breakfast and lunch.

Purchasing School Meals
Students can pay cash daily or you can prepay for school meals by depositing funds to their meal account. Students access their meal account using their 4-digit PIN number, which will come home with them during the first week of school. Please help your child memorize their 4-digit PIN.

School Meal Prices
Breakfast is $2.00 
Lunch is $3.00

Qualify for Free or Reduced-Price Meals
Your child may qualify to receive meals free of charge. If you believe your family is eligible, applications can be submitted at any time throughout the school year. 

Ways to Pay for School Meals
Students can pay with cash, check or money order for each meal, or you can load your child’s account with funds and the child can “pay” for their meals with a PIN number.

PIN Numbers
Each child is assigned a PIN number during the first week of school that is linked to their individual account (set up by the district). Incoming Kindergartners should have received a letter from Nutrition Services with your child’s PIN number. Older students previously at a Seattle Public School will retain their current PIN.

At lunch, students will key in their PIN to pay for a meal. The Cafeteria Manager at school has a hard copy of all the students’ PINs and can help the students with their numbers. 

Loading Your Student’s Account
To load your child’s account with funds, you can:

  • Bring cash, check or money order (written to “Nutrition Services”) and submit payment to our Cafeteria Manager directly in the cafeteria or give it to Karen Rang in the main office. To ensure the money is deposited to the correct account, be sure to include your student’s first and last name and PIN number
  • Register with a program called PayPAMS where you can electronically load money into your child’s account anytime by credit card. Note: PayPAMS require a Student ID number or meal account PIN number. The Student ID number can be found on report cards or by accessing The Source. PayPAMS charges users a payment transaction of $1.95 per student for each transaction. 

Note: The school district does not want negative balances on the students’ accounts, but they allow for a minus at the elementary level. Our Cafeteria Manager will never deny your child a meal, but she hopes that parents and guardians will see to it that your child’s account is paid before this minus level is reached. PayPAMS allows convenient access to monitor account balances and meal activity. You can also find out your child’s meal balance information from the QAE lunchroom manager by contacting Nancy Buran at

Student Meals at School

All students will receive meals at no cost during the entire 2021-22 school year.


SPS students are offered three meal options (one hot and two cold) each school day.

Due to national shortages, the district is unable to tell school cafeterias which hot food options will be provided in advance. The district monthly menu has been paused because it does not provide up-to-date information. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Free Meals for Students

Please note 2021-22 School Year: Seattle Public Schools will provide meals for all students, no cost throughout the school year.

Your child may qualify for free or reduced-price meals. In all Seattle schools, students who qualify for free or reduced-price meals receive meals at no cost.

You must reapply every year. Qualification is based on household income.

Students who qualify receive additional benefits including reduced fees for the following programs.

  • Event Fees
  • Field Trips
  • Advanced Placement Tests
  • Running Start Books
  • Associated Student Body (ASB) Fees
  • Pre-College Exams (PSAT/SAT/ACT)
  • College Application Fees

Application Free and Reduced-Price Meals

You can apply for free and reduced-price meals with our secure online form. Applications are available in August for the following school year. After your application is processed, you will receive a letter notifying you if your child is eligible.

Find your household size on the list below. If your income is less than the income listed for your household size, you may qualify for meal benefits and should complete an application.

Families are responsible for the cost of student meals before qualifying for free and reduced-price meals.

Apply Online!

Downloadable Forms

Completing the online form is the fastest way to send us your application.

You also can print and mail the application to the district office. Applications also are available at your school’s lunchroom, main office or at the John Stanford Center.

Once your application is completed, it can be dropped off at the school lunchroom or mailed to:

Seattle Public Schools Culinary Services
MS 32-372
P.O. Box 34165
Seattle, WA 98124

Household Size

Household Size and Monthly Gross Income
(gross income is total pay before taxes or other deductions)

1 person: $1,986
2 people: $2,686
3 people: $3,386
4 people: $2,043
5 people: $2,393
6 people: $2,743
7 people: $3,093
8 people: $3,443

Each additional household member add +$700

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the school meal prices for the 2021-22 school year?

Free meals are provided to all students.

Elementary and K-8: Breakfast FREE and Lunch FREE

Middle School: Breakfast FREE and Lunch FREE

High School: Breakfast FREE and Lunch FREE

How do I apply for free or reduced-priced meal benefits for my child?

SPS Culinary Services uses an online application or paper application to determine a student’s eligibility.

In all Seattle schools, students who qualify for free or reduced-price meals receive meals at no cost.

The application is available to families beginning in mid-August annually. Processing of meal benefit applications may take 7-10 days.

Please complete the current year application as early as possible to ensure your student’s eligibility is recorded early in the school year.

You must complete the application every year.

How do I know if my child qualifies?

Once processing is completed, families are mailed a letter sharing the student’s eligibility.

Please save this letter for requests to the school for discounts on field trips, athletic or testing fees. Families that need a replacement letter may contact Culinary Services at 206-252-0675.

My child has a special dietary need. May they still have school lunch?

Yes. Please submit a Diet Prescription Form to ensure that proper foods are available for your child.

Forms may be requested by contacting Culinary Services at 206-252-0675 or you can download the Diet Prescription forms online.

Completed forms can be dropped off at the school lunchroom or mailed to:

Seattle Public Schools Culinary Services
MS 32-372
P.O. Box 34165
Seattle, WA 98124