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MakerSpace is a learning community where makers design creations and products using a range of tools and art skills. In 2019, Queen Anne Elementary became host to one of the first dedicated elementary makerspaces in Washington state. QAE students take their Visual Arts program in our Makerspace each week, which allows students to create, problem-solve and craft to make a difference in the world. Every QAE explorer has weekly opportunities to create and work in this space thanks to our dedicated Visual Arts and Makerspace teacher, Ms. Lauren Appel. QAE administration and staff are working with Dr. Kareem Edouard, co-author of Drexel University’s 2018Making Culture: National Study of Education Makerspaces to ensure that QAE’s makerspace is a leader in the education makerspace community at the state and national level. 

Makerspace Marketplace is a time to support 3rd – 5th graders Makerspace fall challenge. Students wrote proposals to “make a difference for themselves, the community or the world.” Explorers had the freedom to create initiatives, which may be fundraisers, awareness campaigns and products to sell. These products will be shared at the Makerspace MarketPlace to raise money for different charities on PBL night. All funds raised are pooled and divided equally amongst the students’ initiatives. There will be a raffle to raise funds for the QAE Makerspace as well. QAE staff and parents work together to help each student as a learner and citizen of the world. 

The Queen Anne Elementary Makerspace is a place where students work individually and collaboratively to create something that improves their own life, or the lives of others while having an opportunity to explore their own interests. Each project helps them learn to use tools and materials, both physical and virtual, to develop creative, unique or thoughtful solutions. The overarching goal in our Makerspace is to look at the world and find something that needs to be improved; then we create, innovate, explore, tinker, design and build a better world; one idea and one student at a time.

At QAE we are very proud of our Visual Arts program. Using a variety of art media, elements and concepts, even our littlest explorers learn to appreciate and enjoy art and the art process. Through artistic observation and practice, children problem-solve and have the opportunity to see history and today’s world through a colorful and unique lens.