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Reading & Writing Workshop
Our  Reading and  Writing Workshop curriculum is guided by the Teachers College Reading & Writing Project (Columbia University).

The Logic of English
The Logic of English is a systematic, multi-sensory approach to learning how to read, spell and write. The method is based upon 74 basic phonograms and 30 spelling rules that together explain 98% of English words. 

English Language Arts Standards
Grade Level Standards

Math in Focus
Seattle Public Schools recently adopted  Math in Focus (Singapore Math) as the math curriculum for students in grades K-5. Math in Focus adapts instruction to the needs of individual learners through scaffolding, the systematic sequencing of prompted content and support to optimize learning. The ultimate goal of scaffolding is to gradually remove the supports as the learner masters the task. 

ST Math
Spatial-Temporal (ST) Math® is game-based instructional software for students in grades K-12 and is designed to boost math comprehension and proficiency through visual learning.

Mathematics Standards  
Grade Level Standards

Our district adopted curriculum designed by the National Science Resources Center, Smithsonian more commonly known as the Inquiry-Based Science Program. Modules at each grade level provide “hands-on” labs for the teaching and practice of scientific concepts beginning in kindergarten.

A typical science lesson involves four components through which students access and practice scientific study:

  1. engage and encounter known and unknown science concepts;
  2. explore and investigate life science, physical science and earth science;
  3. reflect and explain their thinking and reasoning; and 4) apply and extend new learning.