Queen Anne Elementary

Queen Anne

Directions and Map

Queen Anne Address and Map

Queen Anne Elementary

2100 4th Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109

​Drop Off, Pick Up, Bus Zones and Entering the School

We know our families will reach QAE via a variety of methods—some walk, some take the bus, some bike and some arrive by car. With our remodeled campus, we now have a new process for buses and car drop-off/pick-up.

Bus Zone — Bigelow (east side of the school)
The side of the street closest to the school along Bigelow is bus zone for the entire length of the school.

Car Zone — 4th Ave (west side of the school)
There’s an area where drivers can drop off and pick up their children along 4th Ave N, between Newton and Boston. This is a “kiss and go” zone, drivers stay in their cars and an adult supervisor will help the children exit the car.

School Parking Lot
The new parking lot on the north end of the campus is for staff and those who need handicap access.

School Entrances
Our remodeled campus is designed to provide safety for our students and staff. There are gates on the west side (near the car zone on 4th Ave), the east side (near the bus zone on Bigelow) and at the north end of the campus are open before and after school, so families can freely go in and out. These gates will be closed while school is in session. Parents and other visitors will enter through the office during that time, along 4th Ave N.