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Queen Anne Elementary

Who We Are

Queen Anne Elementary (QAE) is both an Option School and a Creative Approach School in Seattle Public Schools for grades K-5. We welcome families from across Seattle, with priority during open enrollment given to families in our geographic zone.

An Option School does not have an attendance area boundary. Families can request to attend QAE. Students apply to attend an Option School, as no one is automatically assigned (other than those continuing throughout their years at the school). Option schools typically have GeoZones and Transportation Zones. Options schools have the capacity to hire teachers aligned with their unique philosophy and initiatives. Options schools can apply for waivers for selected curricula.

As a Creative Approach School, we join Project Based Learning (PBL) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in the Five Pillars. Being a Creative Approach School impacts our hiring practices and curricula selection. When QAE first opened several years ago, all staff chose to adopt our educational philosophy focused on PBL, SEL and our Five Pillars. Since then, all subsequent hiring has ensured that new staff are aligned with our philosophy, teaching practices and curricula. As a Creative Approach School, QAE aligns with WA state standards by selecting curricula that best meets the needs of our students academically, emotionally and socially.

Our Five Pillars

Queen Anne Elementary’s Five Pillars are the philosophical basis of our innovative programs and initiatives. This philosophy builds 21st Century learning skills (collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity) aligned with our culturally-responsive instructional practices and innovative use of technology. All instruction is aligned with Washington state learning standards. Curricula is selected that best meets the needs of our elementary students academically, emotionally and socially. The foundation of our work is centered on Project Based Learning (PBL), Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and our Five Pillars


Our Five Pillars have shaped and defined the work we do as a school since 2010. We are self-directed learners. We encourage each other to think critically and learn more. We are concerned, confident and compassionate citizens of the world. We learn everywhere. We learn together. We are creative.


Our Five Pillars focus on 21st century learning skills that we practice through inquiry in Project Based Learning and support and question using skills from Social and Emotional Learning.

What is Queen Anne Elementary’s Guiding Question

How are we making a difference in the world? This question guides explorers’ learning and fuels their initiatives throughout the year. QAE teachers use curricular-based project-based learning and our one-of-a-kind makerspace as innovative vehicles to help students answer this guiding question in their own way each year. 

School Motto

We are aware, safe and connected. At Queen Anne, we explicitly teach our school motto and have these expectations posted throughout the school. At the beginning of the year, we teach into what it means to be aware, safe and connected throughout our school, including in classrooms, in the cafeteria, on the playground and in the hallways. As global citizens, we want our students to have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities in the world so they can understand how they can make a difference to our community through their actions. 

Monday Morning Meeting

Our entire school community gathers together every Monday morning for a school-wide assembly. K – 5 students and staff take the first few minutes of Monday morning to recognize student birthdays, share learning and announcements and focus on our monthly Global Citizenship Trait. Parents and young siblings are always welcome to join us to build community and focus on the week’s learning ahead.