Queen Anne Elementary

Queen Anne

Learning at Home

How Can You Help Your Child’s Learning at Home

  • Help students arrive at school each day ready to learn.
  • Foster healthy habits at home by eating healthy, getting enough sleep, learning to self-calm and stay calm, and staying hydrated.
  • Nightly reading at home builds reading skills and confidence.
  • Parent involvement at school makes a difference!
  • Join the QAE PTSA, volunteer, or help with a school event
  • Give feedback on your child’s class in Seesaw
  • Leave candy, junk food, toys, trading cards, stuffies and umbrellas at home.

What is QAE’s Homework Policy?
QAE School and Home Partnership Policy is our Homework Policy. Teachers partner with parents to ensure that we all uphold our pillar: ‘At QAE, we learn everywhere; we learn together.’ Towards that end, every QAE explorer is expected to:

  • Read at home for 10-30 minutes nightly, depending on their age and capabilities
  • Practice numeracy regularly at home;
  • Teachers may provide extra home practice activities to strengthen skills and build confidence.
  • QAE parents can expect that their child may, at any point in time, come home passionate about a specific idea or initiative. Our job, both at school and at home, is to ignite their passions, nurture a maker mindset, help discover their superpowers, ensure mistakes are welcome, be compassionate and patient when struggles ensue, get out of the way when necessary, rejoice when they problem solve and celebrate their successes.