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    Welcome to the QAE Library!

    The library, the heart of the school, is located in the brick building. If the lights are on, please come in! Students and their families are invited to enjoy book browsing, quiet reading, explore on the computer or iPad or access any of our resources. Anyone may visit before and after school and during all recesses.

    Students are scheduled weekly to visit the library to browse and check out books. Students may have up to five books at one time, unless there is a reason to have more. It's encouraged that students return library books when they are finished so that others can enjoy.

    Volunteers are a key ingredient to our library program. Their support makes a huge difference! I hope you’ll stop by to say hello and stay to help if you’re free - please let me know!

    Natalie Van Stone

    Library Rules

    1. Come with a plan!
    2. Use quiet voices. Listen to others. Talk about books.
    3. Leave the library like you found it. Don’t forget your things.
    4. Learn something while you’re here.
    5. Take your time - move slowly.