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    Welcome Letter from Principal Roy
    Posted on 09/13/2019
    cartoon kids holding handsDear Queen Anne Elementary Families,
    Welcome to a new year at Queen Anne Elementary! I can’t wait to get started! Our beautiful addition is finished, and staff and I are moving into our beloved QAE site with 8 new classrooms, a full-size gym, beautiful new office, expanded cafeteria, larger playground, new MakerSpace/Visual Arts room and even a new address! (2100 4th Ave. North). The building looks incredible! I can’t wait to welcome students and families back into this exciting learning space.
    No matter how beautiful our new building is, it is the people that make a school culture flourish and thrive. We have a unique opportunity to come together as a learning community to focus on our school-wide guiding question: How we are making a difference in the world? Get ready for an exciting QAE rocket ride as we begin a phenomenal year ahead with our young global citizens and environmental stewards! Together as a community of students, staff, parents, we can help each QAE explorer bring Mahatma Gandhi’s words to life: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
    Looking forward to our exciting year ahead!
    - Janine
    Janine Roy
    Follow me on Twitter: @janineroy3 Use #QAE
    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead (1901-1978), American cultural anthropologist

    September & October School Events:
    Back to School Night
    5-7 pm
    All families invited to see class lists and meet teachers and families.
    Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
    10:30-11:30 am
    Grand opening of new QAE addition. Come take a school tour! All QAE families welcome!
    1st day of school for
    1st – 5th graders
    Start: 7:50 am Welcome Bell.
    Ends at 2:25 pm
    This is the only Wednesday that ends at 2:25 pm. Parent reception at 8 am in gym. Preschoolers welcome!
    1st day of school for Kindergarteners
    Start: 7:50 am Welcome Bell
    Parent reception at 8 am in gym. Preschoolers welcome!
    1st Wednesday Early Dismissal
    School ends at 1:10 pm.
    For the rest of the year, school always dismisses on Wednesday at 1:10 pm.
    1st Monday Morning Meeting
    8 am in the gym
    Families and preschoolers always welcome!
    Curriculum Night
    6:30 – 8:00 pm
    Annual adults-only information evening for
    Queen Anne Elementary
    2100 4th Avenue North
    Seattle, Washington
    1st school-wide event and fund-raiser of the year.

    First Day Procedures:
    • 9/4/19: First day of school for 1st – 5th grade starts at 7:50 am:
    o 1st - 2nd grade returning students greeted by teachers outside new Brick Building addition.
    o 3rd – 5th grade returning students greeted by teachers on the Treehouse blacktop.
    o New students come to the school office so staff can escort them to their new classes.
    o Welcome Back Parent Reception in gym at 8 am. Infants and preschoolers welcome!
    • 9/9/19: First day of school for Kindergarten starts at 7:50 am: meet teachers outside Brick Building. Welcome Kindergarten Parent Reception in gym at 8 am. Infants and preschoolers welcome!
    School Hours:
    Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 7:50 am Welcome bell
    7:55 am Students in class ready to learn
    2:25 pm Dismissal
    Wednesday 7:50 am Welcome bell
    7:55 am Student in class ready to learn
    1:10 pm Dismissal*
    *First day of school dismissal is at 2:25 pm. All other Wednesday’s are early dismissals at 1:10 pm, as teachers work on professional development and collaborative planning on Wednesday afternoons.

    QAE Staff:
    Administrative Team
    Principal Ms. Janine Roy
    Office Team Ms. Karen Alvarez (formerly Ms. Rang – she got married in July!) and Ms. Catie Coyle
    Classroom Teachers
    Kindergarten Ms. Priyanka Jayanthi & Ms. Maddie Scannapieco (formerly Ms. Ginder)
    1st Grade Ms. Jerrika Dickersen (formerly Ms. Bailey), Ms. Bonnie Dudley, and
    Ms. Kaitlyn Kessel
    2nd Grade Ms. Lorin Belcher and Ms. Rachel Scheer
    3rd Grade Ms. Elizabeth Thruelsen
    4th Grade Mr. Mike Backman and Ms. Liz Hartman
    5th Grade Ms. Sarah Goldman
    Resource Room Ms. Julia Manno and Instructional Assistant
    Ms. Linda Brownstein
    Reading Specialist/ELL Ms. Helene McCormick
    Visual Arts/MakerSpace Ms. Lauren Appel
    PE Ms. Brianna Veleber. Her maternity leave sub is Mr. Trevor Stevenson
    until December 2019.
    Library Dr. Emily Valdez

    Queen Anne Elementary
    2100 4th Avenue North
    Seattle, Washington

    Parent Involvement
    Student success begins with strong parent involvement. Together we can empower QAE global citizens to launch their ideas, learn from their mistakes and achieve new learning goals each year.
    We want every QAE parent to be involved by:
    • joining the QAE PTSA;
    • volunteering in your child’s classroom or helping with field trips;
    • working with other parents to organize an upcoming event.

    NEW QAE Parking Procedures!
    Parking is available on neighboring side streets. Parking is a challenge across Seattle and Queen Anne is no exception! NEW THIS YEAR: plan to walk a few blocks for drop off and pick up each day and walk to our site. We ask all families to plan enough time to arrive for our 7:50 am start.
    • When you park, model being a kind and safe neighbor. Park in a legal parking space away from driveways, fire hydrants and garbage cans. Please be thoughtful of our neighbors!
    • Newton between Bigelow and 4th is reserved for families with infants and mobility challenges.
    • Bigelow between Boston and Newton is a bus zone only. Do not park here at any time!
    • 4th Avenue between Boston and Newton is a school drop off/pick up zone only (see below).
    • Staff parking lot is for staff-only at all times, except for those requiring handicapped access.
    • As you walk with your child to school, this is a great opportunity to model being a global citizen:
    o Hold young children’s hands or have older children walk beside you.
    o Model sharing the sidewalk as a pedestrian by moving aside whenever necessary.
    o Teach your child how to safely cross the street by looking both ways and waiting for cars.
    o Talk about being a good neighbor by staying off neighbor’s property.
    o Celebrate being an environmental steward by being respectful of nature. Teach children to admire plants and trees around them but leave living things alone so they grow and thrive.
    New Drop Off/Pick Up Zone on 4th Avenue!
    • Drop off/pick up zone is now on 4th Avenue!
    • Drop off/pick up procedures:
    o Drivers come to a full stop in the drop off zone before children leave the vehicle.
    o Drivers stay in their vehicle as children exit the car.
    o Children exit and enter the vehicle from the sidewalk side only.
    o To be safe and efficient, children keep belongings with them in the back seat at all times, not in the trunk. We don’t want children or drivers accessing the trunk during drop off/pick up unless it is an emergency.