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    QA News - 12/9/2016
    Posted on 12/09/2016

    Lost and Found

    Monday is the last day to check out the Lost and Found before Winter Break.  Please check it out if your child is missing clothing or a lunch container.  Items in the Lost and Found will be donated to a local agency on Tuesday.


    Hour of Code Thank You’s!

    Huge appreciation to Hour of Code Coordinator Julie Smith and all of our parent volunteers for their amazing work on Wednesday.  Students, staff and parents were part of this incredible world-wide event focused on coding.  It was great to have a school-wide event which allowed everyone in our community to focus together on problem-solving, which is one of our School Improvement Plan goals for 2016-2017.  It also highlighted all of our QAE pillars:      

    We are self-directed learners

    We encourage each other to think critically and learn more

    We are concerned, confident and compassionate citizens of the world

    We learn everywhere, we learn together

    We are creative


    Hour of Code Follow Up from Julie Smith:

    This week QAE students got to practice all 5 of our pillars and rocked the Hour of Code!!!  We had over 400 QAE kids join with tens of millions of kids around the world coding, helping other kids, tweeting our participation, and having fun.

    Thank you to our amazing school community for your help, support, and participation - our kids were both excited and engaged throughout the day!   Our fantastic volunteers made the day run incredibly smoothly (and thanks to those who made sure our volunteers and teachers were well fed!). 

    Special thanks to all the teachers for working this into their busy schedules, sacrificing the teachers’ lounges, and helping to get our kids excited about learning these critical 21st Century Skills. 

    Now to continue the momentum…below there are a number of suggestions for how to continue to engage your children in coding and software development including resources and classes for both online, individualized and classroom/camp settings. 

    In addition the parent technology committee will be working with our staff technology committee to find more ways to continue to support these critical thinking and problem solving skills and tools in our classrooms.  If you are interested in getting involved in the parent technology committee, please email

     Coding Resources:


    ·       Visit to continue the exploration!

    ·       Early readers should check out: Course 1

    ·       Readers should try:  Play Lab, Flappy Code, and Courses 2, 3, and 4

    ·       Scratch Jr’s iPad app is also good for 1st and 2nd graders

    ·       Khan Academy is also a great resource for computer programming education


    Winter Camps and Classes




    Summer Camps