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    QA News - 11/18/2016
    Posted on 11/18/2016

    Appreciations from Last Week:

    • Thank You Veterans for Attending our Veterans Day Assembly:  Thank you to our many veterans in our community for presentations to students at both of our Veterans Day Assemblies on Nov. 10th.  Their ability to communicate sacrifices made by veterans on behalf of our community and our country were greatly appreciated.  Thank you to our scouts for serving as greeters and ushers for both assemblies, and we appreciated the opportunity to recognize all scouts for their community service during this assembly.  Thank you to parents who were able to attend.
    • IslandWood Reflections:  We greatly appreciate our QAE families for supporting our 5th graders journey to IslandWood again this year.  Organizing this trip for two classes is a huge endeavor, so we want to say a gigantic thank you to our dedicated 5th grade teachers, Sarah Goldman and Sarah Abshire, for their hard work in organizing and overseeing this wonderful learning and community-building opportunity for students.  Thank you to our parent chaperones for supporting our students throughout the week.  Thank you to 5th grade parent drivers and parent volunteers who helped to organize the multiple details for this trip.  This was a wonderful opportunity for our students!

    Next Week:

    • Parent-Teacher Conferences:  Nov. 21st – 22nd If you have any questions on the day of your conference, please call the school office at 206-252-2480.  Reminder there is no school for students Nov. 21st – 25th.
    • School Office Hours:  Our school office will be open Nov. 21st – Nov. 23rd.  If you have any questions, contact us at 206-252-2480.  The office will reopen on Monday, Nov. 28th when students return.
    • Thanksgiving Break:  Nov. 21st – 25thNo school for students.

    Staff Baby Announcements

    • Ms. Palumbo’s daughter, Lucia Rose Palumbo, was born on August 25th weighing 6 lbs 14 oz and 19 inches long. Congratulations to the Palumbo family!
    • Ms. Brown’s family is excited to announce that Peter Andrew Brown, Jr. ("PJ") was born 10/23 at 1:12am, 7lb. 14 oz. and 23 inches long.   Congratulations to the Brown family!

    Upcoming Events:

    • Raise for Maize Campaign for Dwankhozi  Queen Anne Elementary has a partner school named Dwankhozi Primary School, located in Eastern Zambia.  The school is supported by a foundation called Dwankhozi Hope. One of the ways that Dwankhozi Hope supports the students at Dwankhozi Primary School is to hold a fundraising campaign called Raise for Maize.  
      The funds raised provide food for the students at Dwankhozi Primary School during the community's "Hungry Season."   In rural southern Africa, subsistence farmers experience a Hungry Season (January-March) when their stored food grown is depleted as they wait for the rainy season to end and the March harvest to be ready. That means their children are coming to school hungry, which makes learning very difficult for them. The school day has to be shortened during this period as the students have no energy to learn. About half of the students don't make it to school as their focus is on finding food.   We have an opportunity to help!
      Women in the Dwankhozi Primary School community are willing to make the students a school lunch during this Hungry Season. They just need us to help buy some maize: 
    • $10 feeds 60 students for one day.
    • $50 feeds 300 students for one day.

    • $100 feeds the entire school for one day.

    • They only need to be fed for 6 weeks.  (30 school days.)
      That's $3,000.

    To keep 600 students learning. The students of QAE want to raise this money by doing service for their friends and neighbors for a donation. They will donate the money they earn to the Raise for Maize Campaign. Every penny we raise will go towards the purchase of food for Dwankhozi Primary School students.

    More information about Dwankhozi Hope Foundation can be found at

    QAE Student Leadership visited classes this week to outline our Raise the Maize Campaign running from Dec. 5 – 9.  We are asking students to do a service at home to fund raise….  We are hoping students will bring the funds they raise in an envelope and write a message to explain what service they did to raise money for Dwankhozi students.  Students will be invited to bring their donations in the sealed envelope on Friday, Dec. 9th and put it in a jar in the cafeteria during lunch hour.  The focus will be on all of us working together to make a difference for others.  It is the act of kindness and service that we are focusing on, rather than the size of the donation.  Thank you for helping your child to plan how they will fundraise for this important annual global citizenship event at our school.  

    • Food Drive:  Article by Lewis Nettleton, QAE Student Reporter:  We are starting a food drive for Pike Place Market’s food bank.  It starts December 5 – 9th.  This is a list of food that you can bring:  
      • Lean protein (canned tuna, salmon, sardines)
      • Fruit canned in juices
      • Low sodium pasta sauce, soup, chili
      • Whole grains such as brown rice
      • Canned food with pull tab tops
      • Nuts, nut butter
      • Shelf-stable milk, milk alternatives
      • Granola bars
      • Spices, cooking oils
      • Toilet paper

    Bring a donation and help our downtown Seattle neighborhood.  For more information, go to

    • QAE Garden Work Party:  Saturday, Nov. 19 in the QAE Garden
    • Families of Color Meeting:  Tuesday, Dec. 6th at 6:00 pm
    • Hour of CodeWednesday, December 7thOur 4th annual QAE Hour of Code is 12/7/2016.  Hour of Code is a North America-wide event to help students understand how to create their own computer codes and engage in the problem solving and logic that underlies it.  QAE is again joining in on the The Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week.  More than 100 Million students have participated already (and our kids are among them!)  Living in a world surrounded by technology, we know that whatever field our students choose to go into as adults, their ability to succeed will increasingly hinge on understanding how technology works.  Only a small fraction of students are learning computer science, and fewer students are studying it than a decade ago (and women account for only 12% of computer science degrees).  The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics. Here’s a video to get you inspired:  To accomplish our goal of everyone at Queen Anne Elementary coding, we need parent help!  Here’s how you can get involved:

    1.       Talk about software development and coding with your kids.  How does software impact the work you do?  How does it impact the world around them? Get them excited about this critical field and its applications.

    2.       Volunteer to help on Wednesday, December 7th.  We need morning volunteers, sign up here

    3.       Learn some coding skills. Go to and Khan Academy and take a few introductory or advanced coding classes on your own and with your kid(s)

    4.       Sign up to bring snacks in for the volunteers and staff on December 7th.  Fed parents are happy!

    5.       Tell others about the Hour of Code…friends, family, grandparents.  Get them excited and involved.  Encourage others to sign up themselves, their kids, and their schools to participate in this movement to bring 21st century skills to all kids.  More info here:

    Thank you for all your support and help as we introduce our kids to the skills they need to flourish in the 21st Century. We learn everywhere, we learn together!