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    Volunteers Needed for Auction Planning
    Posted on 12/09/2019
    Volunteer Hands

    Our all-star team is already working on getting great items for our spring Auction. Interested in helping? It's a snap.

    Most recently procured: 4 suite-level Mariner's tickets


    The "2020 Vision" auction team is forming and we are looking for a number of volunteers to help with procurement efforts. There are MANY ways to contribute to our community effort:

    • Can you email 10 businesses (both past and hopeful contributors) with a personal ask and a templated letter about QAE?
    • Do you have a donation? We'll take everything from condos to cookies! A few ideas to get your creative juices flowing: 

    1. Bake cookies each month and deliver to the winner for an entire year.

    2. Offer teen babysitting hours to compliment a parent's night-out item.

    3. Provide your organizational consulting services free of charge (a win for the lucky bid winner and earn a potential life-time customer!)

    4. Ask your employer to donate products or services.

    5. Share your passion for crochet in a sign-up class.

    6. Gather a group of QAE parents and host a progressive dinner. 

    Do you have time to join the team? We need help organizing and preparing as we ramp things up early in the new year. The auction team meets each first Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. at Diablo (all are welcome!)

    It takes a village to collect items that we'll be bidding on in March. What kind of products, services and experiences are you interested in? Let's think outside the box this year and get creative. Also, consider about your daily routine: orthodontia, math tutoring and ballet classes would all make excellent donations!

    Please contact Jenn Lovin at to volunteer or offer ideas!