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    Who We Are

    Queen Anne Elementary (QAE) is both an Option School and a Creative Approach School in Seattle Public Schools for grades K-5. We welcome families from across Seattle, with priority during open enrollment given to families in our geographic zone.

    An Option School does not have an attendance area boundary. Families can request to attend QAE. Students apply to attend an Option School, as no one is automatically assigned (other than those continuing throughout their years at the school). Option schools typically have GeoZones and Transportation Zones. Options schools have the capacity to hire teachers aligned with their unique philosophy and initiatives. Options schools can apply for waivers for selected curricula.

    As a Creative Approach School, we join Project Based Learning (PBL) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in the Five Pillars. Being a Creative Approach School impacts our hiring practices and curricula selection. When QAE first opened several years ago, all staff chose to adopt our educational philosophy focused on PBL, SEL and our Five Pillars. Since then, all subsequent hiring has ensured that new staff are aligned with our philosophy, teaching practices and curricula. As a Creative Approach School, QAE aligns with WA state standards by selecting curricula that best meets the needs of our students academically, emotionally and socially.


    Our Five Pillars have shaped and defined the work we do as a school since 2010. We are self-directed learners. We encourage each other to think critically and learn more. We are concerned, confident and compassionate citizens of the world. We learn everywhere. We learn together. We are creative.


    Our Five Pillars focus on 21st century learning skills that we practice through inquiry in Project Based Learning and support and question using skills from Social and Emotional Learning.

    What is Queen Anne Elementary's Guiding Question? 

    How are we making a difference in the world?

    School Motto

    We are aware, safe and connected.

    2100 4th Ave N
    Seattle, WA 98109

    QAE Primary Contact Information

    Main Office: 206-252-2480
    Fax: 206-252-2481

    Attendance Office:

    *Please call or email the main office if your student will be absent or late for any reason. We will forward that information to your student's teacher.

    Principal Janine Roy

    Janine Roy

    Administrative Secretary:
    Karen Rang

    Administrative Assistant:
    Catie Coyle

    Kids Co:
    Patrick Russell

    Kim Chin

    Nancy Buran

    Resource Specialist:
    Julia Manno