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    PTSA Vision

    Create, maintain, and support a healthy and successful environment within the QAE community and support staff, students, and their families in the quest for an excellent education.

    2015-16 PTSA Board of Directors


    President, Heath Dixon,
    Vice President, Ankur Kothari,
    Vice President, Cari Lui,
    Secretary, Kari Edmondson,
    Co-Treasurer, Rick North,
    Co-Treasurer, Rebecca Houck,


    Communications Director, Karen Gigliotti,
    Communications Director, Cari Lui,
    Facilities Director, Jenny Lee,
    Fundraising Director, Lauren Haley,
    Fundraising Director, Rita Koefod, Legislative Director, Christa Winquist , 
    Legislative Director, Ian Stewart,
    Social Emotional Learning, Meg Ferris,
    Social Emotional Learning, Nicole Siciliano,
    Technology Advisory Director, Julie Smith, 

    2015-16 PTSA Coordinators

    Community Activities Coordinator, Lindsey Carrillo,
    Community Activities Coordinator, Suzanne Beckerman,
    Enrichment Coordinator, Gillian Jorgensen,
    Enrichment Coordinator, Vasantha Kostojohn,
    Garden Coordinator, OPEN
    Membership Coordinator, OPEN
    Parent Volunteer Coordinator, Melanthia Peterman,
    Parent Volunteer Coordinator, OPEN

    PTSA Board Meetings & General Membership Meetings

    When and where are the PTSA Board Meetings?

    QAE PTSA Board Meetings are held monthly and anyone is welcome to attend.  Meetings are typically held the second Wednesday of the month from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the library. However, please see our calendar to find out exactly when and where our next meeting will be held.

    Who comes to the PTSA Board meetings?

    The PTSA Board, which consists of the Officers: President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer, and the Directors. All are welcome at Board meetings, however, only the board members are allowed to vote on any issues/questions brought before the board.  Non-board members are welcome to bring up questions and ideas at any meeting.  If you would like to introduce an item at a meeting, it is helpful if you contact the PTSA President before the meeting so there is time allotted in the agenda.

    What happens at the PTSA Board meetings?

    The Officers, Board of Directors, and Principal give reports about what they’ve been working on, share their plans or ideas, and discuss questions or concerns that have come up. We discuss the needs of our school and community, take topics of discussion to vote, and vote on a proposed budget for our general membership. 

    What is a General Membership PTSA Meeting?

    A General Membership meeting is open to all. All current QAE PTSA members are able to vote on issues at a general meeting.  Non-members may attend but are not allowed to cast a vote.  There are certain things that the PTSA is required to have the General Membership vote on at these meetings, such as approving the budget and electing new officers.

    When are the General Membership meetings?

    We host three general membership meetings during the school year. This meetings are typically in October, Jan/Feb, and May/June.

    Who should I talk to if I have questions about PTSA meetings?

    Please email your questions to our PTSA President, Heath Dixon, He'll be happy to answer your questions as soon as possible.

    PTSA fundraising